Morris Nitsun PhD is a Senior Training Analyst at the Institute of Group Analysis in London. He is a  founding member of the Fitzrovia Group  Analytic practice and convenor  of a new course  in group  work at the Anna Freud Centre, London. Click following link to see and print flier. Australian Morris Nitsun April 2011.doc

He is a distinguished author  who has brought

tremendous creativity into the field of Group Analysis .


Among his “ classics in the field” are several widely acknowledged  works,viz.

“The Anti-Group”(1966)Routledge

“The Group as an  Object of Desire(2006) Routledge 

He was also  given the honor of delivering  the 2009 Foulkes Lecture in London titled

          “Authority and Revolt:

 The Challenges of   Group Leadership”

He will be presenting a selection of his work with the help of lectures , demonstration groups and Median Groups.Dr. Morris Nitsun PhD


will present a 2-Day Workshop

for the


International Organisation of

Group Analytic Psychotherapy Inc


On APRIL 30TH and May 1st 2011.





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