Presidents Letter to Trainees




Dear Trainees,


I hope this Certificate Course is giving you an overview of group analytic work. However, the best is yet to come with all our long weekend congresses of world renowned group analysts starting with Robi Friedman on the 19th November 2010.  It will help you to put into context the seminar material discussed so far. Herewith is a list of congresses for 2011.  All congresses will have an experiential component with Small and Median Groups. 

1.  Margarita Kritikou, Athens - February 25, 26, 27th,2011        

First day: “The Group Analyst”

  • Foulkes & Bion: Differences and Similarities
  • How the group analysts’ attitude sustains the therapeutic situation in group analysis
  • Clinical examples

Second day: “Myths and Narratives in the Cultural Unconsciousof Group Analysis”

  • Institutions, organizations
  • Median Training Groups
  • Therapeutic groups  

Third day: Acting-Out phenomena in Group Analysis

  • Therapeutic community groups
  • Group analytic groups
  • Median training groups and supervision groups

2.  Morris Nitsun, UK - April 30th - May 1st,2011

      First day: The Anti-Group: An introduction

  • The Anti-Group: an introduction
  • Small group
  • Lunch
  • Mini-lecture: Identifying the Anti-group
  • Demonstration group
  • Median group

Second day: The Location of the Anti-group

  • The Location of the Anti-group
  • Small group
  • Lunch
  • Mini-lecture: Working creatively with the Anti-group
  • Demonstration group
  • Median group
  • Plenary



3.  Haim Weinberg,USA - May 27, 28, 29th,2011


The 3 day congress willcover important aspects of the core course of the American Group PsychotherapyAssociation.  It will comprise:

  • Experiential Small and Median Groups
  • Demonstration Groups
  • Social Unconscious
  • Theoretical aspects of Large Groups
  • Research in Group Psychotherapy

Clarification of Certificate Course and the Advanced Course timetable


The Certificate Course which  began2nd October 2010 will end mid August2011.  


Robi's Congress in 2010, plus these3 congresses as above in 2011, form part of the Certificate Course. TheCertificate Course overlaps with the curriculum of the Advanced Coursefrom February 2011 to mid August 2011.  The Certificate Course has abreak in mid August to allow trainees if they wish to attend the 15thEuropean Symposium in London.


The Advanced Course commences inFebruary 2011 for two years and continues for the rest of 2011. It includesModule 6 with the  Congress by Dr RichardBillow.  All those who have participatedin the Certificate Course are very welcome to attend Module 6 in which DrBillow presents his experiential and theoretical material.  An additional fee for Module 6 will bereleased shortly with discounts.


The Advanced course  also extends through 2012. Details will begiven later for 2012.


Total number of hours for the Certificate Course equals 96 hours.


4. Walter and Esther Stone October 2011

 Herewith is the Program from October 2011 onwards.


We are very fortunate that Walter and Esther Stone will be revisiting IOGAP at the end of October 2011.  They were very impressed during their last visit and would like to see IOGAP become a leading Group Psychotherapy Organisation.


A)    Seminar topics to be decided for October 15, 22


October 28, 29, 30 Walter and Esther Stone Congress at Treacy Centre.  Esther Stone has just been awarded a distinguished award from the American Group Psychotherapy Association for her initiative with Psychotherapy in Trauma.


November 19 Eng-Kong Tan. Topic : Psychotherapy and Buddhism


November 5, 12, 28 Seminar topics to be decided.


  5.  Richard Billow, USA – December 3rd and,4th 2011

  • Combined Group and Individual Psychotherapy
  • Relational Group Psychotherapy: From Basic Assumption to passion of the Group Analyst
  • Aspects of the Core Course of the American Group Psychotherapy Association

Additional component


Both of the Certificate and AdvancedCourse have an additional component “Unconscious Dynamics in the Workplace".  Itis conducted by organisational experts in the field.  The total duration is 12.5hours.  See details in attachments.


Further Issues


There has been a request to change someof the times of the seminars in 2011.  This can be explored only for those seminars which are less than 2 hours.  It cannot apply to the congresses which constitute 48 hours of the total remaining Certificate Course, plus 10 hours for the Zentner seminars totalling 58 hours.  A bulk of clinical work will be done during this period which is a very important component of the course. 


Yours sincerely,


Dr Sabar Rustomjee

President IOGAP


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