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One Year Certificate Course


Year One Module One starting 2nd October 2010




Module 1A 


i) Explanation and General Overview of Group Psychotherapy 


Workshop Facilitators: Dr Sabar Rustomjee and Herbert Hahn


Venue: Sandringham Hotel. Conference Room (Dolphin)

Cnr. Beach & Bay Road, Sandringham 3191 Tel: 95987255


Date &Time: 2nd October 2010 (1.30pm – 3.00pm)


Introductions 1.30pm – 2.00pm


Understanding some fundamental group analytic concepts 2.00pm - 3.00pm


• Projection, Introjection, Denial, Splitting & Projective Identification as portrayed through reflection of masterpieces by great artists.

• Importance of framework and boundaries in both individual and group analytic work.

      Reference: “Group” (A Training Manual in power point by Sabar Rustomjee)  

• History of Group Psychotherapy.

Reference: “Principles of Group Psychotherapy”, American Group Psychotherapy    Assoc. Manual


ii) Clinical Aspects of Group Psychotherapy


Workshop Facilitator: Dr Sabar Rustomjee


Venue:  Sandringham Hotel. Conference Room (Dolphin)

Cnr. Beach & Bay Road, Sandringham 3191 Tel: 95987255


Date & Time: 9th October 2010 (1.30pm – 3.00pm)  


• Curative factors in groups I. Yalom, C. Neri, S. Rustomjee

• “Taking the Group Seriously” Selected  materials  Reference: Farhad Dallal

• “Common Group Tension” - H. Ezriel

• “Focal Conflict Theory” in groups D. S. Whittaker and Lieberman.

• Examples from End-Stage Renal Failure, Metastatic Breast Cancer groups 




iii) Containment and Failures of Containment


Workshop Facilitator: Dr Sabar Rustomjee


Content: Works of M. Schmeideberg and D.W. Winnicott


Venue: Sandringham Hotel, Conference Room (Dolphin)

Cnr. Beach & Bay Road, Sandringham, 3191 Tel: 95987255


Date & Time: 16th October 2010 (1.30pm - 3.00pm)


Supervision in Group and Individual Psychotherapy, including Demonstration of theoretical  material from W.Bion; R. Billow; D.W. Winnicott; W. Stone; H.Weinberg; S.Rustomjee; N. Symington.


• Why does a person seek therapy?

• The task of Holding and Containing destructive thoughts and emotions in groups and individuals.

• Forming constructive links between expressed or repressed thoughts and  their accompanying emotions, eg uncontrollable rage, suicidal and murderous preoccupations contributing to symptoms of anxiety, depression, etc.

• Empathy.

• The difficult patient.


The demonstration will be in a fish bowl style. (ref: Hindy Nobler-AGPA)


iv) Staff Ailment during starting a new psychotherapy unit with difficult patients


Workshop Facilitator: Herbert Hahn


Venue: Sandringham Hotel. Cnr Beach and Bay Road, Sandringham, Vic. 

Date & time: 23rd October 2010 (1.30pm – 3.00pm)


        Tom Main

• The Ailment


        R.D. Hinshelwood

• What Happens in Groups


30th October – Melbourne Cup Weekend Holiday


v) Selected papers from S. Freud 


Workshop Facilitator: Dr Robert Daniel 1.30 pm -3.00pm


Venue: Sandringham Hotel, Beach Road, Sandrinham, Vic.

Date & time: 6th November 2010 (1.30pm - 3.00pm)


S. Freud: The Oedipus Complex and the Internal World

• Mourning and Melancholia (1917 Vol 14)

• Analysis of a phobia in a 5 year old boy (1909 Vol 10)


vi) An introduction to Balint Groups: Marion Lustig


Workshop Facilitator:  Dr Marion Lustig


Venue: Sandringham Hotel, Beach Road, Sandringham.

Date & time: 13th November 2010 (1.30pm – 3.00pm)



Module 1B


Congress Presenter: Dr Robi Friedman, Group Analytic Society, London


Venue: Treacy Conference Centre, 126 The Avenue, Parkville 3052

Date & time: 19/20/21st November 2010 (8.30am – 5.00pm)



Module 1A continues


vii) Social Systems as a Defence against Anxiety - Selected articles from Wilfred Bion


Workshop Facilitator: Herbert Hahn 


Venue: Sandringham Hotel, Sandringham, Vic.

Date & time: 27th November 2010 (1.30pm – 3.00pm)


• Social Systems as a defence against Anxiety Ref: Isabel M. Lyth


• Works of W. Bion – selected articles


viii   a) The phenomenology of the Group Situation & Foulksian Group Analysis

Ref: S. H. Foulkes, E.J. Anthony , Malcolm Pines, E. Hopper


viiib) Contributions of Self Psychology - Walter Stone


Workshop Facilitators: Dr Sabar Rustomjee and Herbert Hahn


Venue: Sandringham Hotel, Sandringham, Vic.

Date & time: 4th December 2010 (1.30pm – 3.00pm)


• Holding and containment in individual and group psychotherapy

• The leader who does not lead. E.J. Anthony

• Introduction to the difference between the Freudian and the Social Unconscious. 

• Sustained empathic focus W. Stone, M. Livingstone

• The capacity to be alone.  D.W. Winnicott




General principles regarding training during the Certificate Course 


All topics will be introduced in user friendly and familiar terms for those unfamiliar with analytic concepts. PowerPoints of masterpieces of great artists such as Eduard Munch, Francisco Goya, Leonardo da Vinci and others will be demonstrated to reveal underlying unbearable emotions which were able to be conveyed only through art.  Discussing selected cases histories of S. Freud’s will similarly, shed further light on unconscious awareness in today’s society of so-called “noisy symptoms”.


The course will help towards recognising:


• The vulnerability of all mankind

• “What happens in Groups” - R.D. Hinshelwood

• Reflection: The importance of listening to every spoken or written word

• Difference between the outer self presented to the world, and the anxious troubled, inner clumsy self as described in different contexts by D.W. Winnicott and Jacques Lacan

• “The analyst (or a person placed in the position of an analyst) who is supposed to know” - even though the material is deeply imbedded at a deeply unconscious level by the one seeking help (the analysand)  

• Differences between Desire, Demand and Need

• The use of staying with Empathy whilst  understanding in an ongoing manner what may lie beneath conscious awareness

• Containment and Failures of Containment 

• The agony and solitude of Unbearable Shame

• Bridging multicultural barriers between Eastern and Western cultures and overcoming  identity confusion

• Leadership issues. Challenges, Strengths and Weaknesses and how to overcome them etc

• The Anti-Group Transforming destructive forces in groups into their creative potential



Selected chapters from the following text books are suggested for the Certificate Course:


Primarily Group Related material:


1.  Group Psychotherapy S.H. Foulkes,        

     The Psychoanalytical Approach              E.J. Anthony 1984 H.Karnac, London.


2.  Experiences in Groups                       W.R. Bion 1961 Tavistock


3.  The Evolution of Group Analysis Malcolm Pines 1983 Routledge & 

Kegan Paul


4.  What Happens in Groups R.D. Hinshelwood   1987 Free Assoc. Books


5.  The Anti-Group Morris Nitsun 1996 Routledge


6.  The Social Unconscious Earl Hopper 2003 Jessica Kingsley 



7.  The Difficult patient in group Ed. Bennet Roth 1990 Int. Universities     Walter Stone Press

H. Kibel


8.  Dreams in Group Psychotherapy Claudio Neri 2002 Jessica Kingsley

Malcolm Pines Publishers

Robi Friedman


9.  The large Group Revisited Eds S. Schneider 2003 Jessica Kingsley 

Haim Weinberg                 Publishers                        


10. Taking the Group Seriously Farhad Dalal 1998 Jessica Kingsley 



11. Group Claudio Neri 1998 Int. Library of 

Group Analysis




Psychoanalytic Psychotherapy Selected Works are from:


1.  Selected papers by D.W. Winnicott D.W. Winnicott 1990 H. Karnac

1992 London, UK


2.  Selected papers by S. Freud S. Freud Std Ed. 1974 Hogarth Press


3.  Selected papers by M. Klein M.Klein 1998 London, Virago  



4.  Selected papers by Jacques Lacan J. Lacan 1997 Hogarth Press and

Penguin Books





Suggested Reading Material for the Advanced Course will be provided shortly.






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