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The International Organisation of Group Analytic Psychotherapy will be starting a telephone based information and referral service from February 15th 2011. 

The IOGAP is an organization whose members are trained and qualified psychoanalytic psychotherapists with clinical backgrounds including psychology, social work, psychiatry and medicine. Our members work with people experiencing a wide range of emotional issues and difficulties. 



- Personal Group Analytic Psychotherapy:

• To assess suitability for group analysis for patients presenting with symptoms of anxiety, depression and relational disorders.

• Groups for carers. A containing carer who is able to provide an atmosphere of reflection, containment and a safe space for dialogue will strongly improve the relationship with the patient.

• In the alternative to assess suitability for individual psychotherapy, either prior to starting as a group member or concurrently with group psychotherapy.

• To find a suitable qualified group and/or individual therapist.

• To explain group processes and details of how groups are conducted. e.g. helping  group members to be humanised towards each other and not simply socialised. This is the basis of Foulksin group analysis. Empathy and reflection are important features. A group culture is developed over a period of time where there is tolerance and understanding rather than criticism, humiliation etc. 

• To help the group member to explore his or her interactions with others in a meaningful and productive manner.


Group analytical psychotherapy is a specialised treatment modality which can be conducted over a short or long period of time. Group members for adult groups are usually between the ages of 20 – 50. The frequency of sessions is worked out between is arranged between the therapist and the patient. The sessions may be weekly or more frequently as considered essentially.


Further information:

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Telephone: 9500 2895 paging service

Mailing address: P.O. Box 2123 Moorabbin 3186


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