Founder Members

The Founders of this organisation are prominent Group Analysts Ffrom around the world. The Founding and current President  of the organisation is Dr Sabar Rustomjee.

Other Founders and Faculty Members;

  • Jocelyn Allen Melbourne  Australia
  • Dr Jocelyn Blomfield Melbourne Australia
  • Ta-jen Chang Taipei Taiwan
  • Hsien-Hsien Chiang Taipei Taiwan
  • Fern Cramer-Azima Montreal Canada
  • Felix De Mendelssohn  Vienna, Austria
  • Dr Paul Foulkes Melbourne Australia
  • Herbert Hahn Melbourne Australia
  • Prof Nicholas Keks Melbourne Australia
  • Hidefumi Kotani Tokyo Japan
  • Margarita Kritikou Athens Greece
  • Dr Oliver Larkin Melbourne Australia
  • Marion Lustig Melbourne Australia
  • Catherine Mela Athens Greece
  • Tania Nahun Melbourne Australia
  • Prof Claudio Neri Rome Italy
  • Maria Ines Rotmiler de Zentner Melbourne Australia
  • Dr Morry Rottem Melbourne Australia
  • Christer Sandhal Stockholm Sweden
  • Dr Jan Smith Melbourne Australia
  • Nikolaos Stathopoulos Athens Greece
  • Esther Stone Mill Valley California USA
  • Dr Walter Stone Mill Valley California USA
  • Oscar Zentner Melbourne Australia
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