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The IOGAP combines the expertise of international and local world renowned group analysts and group psychotherapists offering Education and Training for those wishing to become Group workers and therapists as well as Advanced skills training for currently practicing Group Workers and Therapists under a two tiered program. Ongoing membership offers Collegial and Educational Events.


Why Group Therapy?

There are many different types of groups. We all exist in the context of groups and would consider ourselves to be a member of many different groups at the same time. We are group animals and our large brains have evolved in order to deal with the complexities of group dynamics. Group therapy has been popular in Australia and overseas as a powerful treatment modality for many decades. The understanding of group dynamics and the theory behind group therapy has been evolving at a rapid rate.  There are many journals internationally devoted to the subject of group dynamics. As such this is a fully fledged scientifically based endeavor which is subject to rigorous testing, debate, and experimentation. As a result, modern psychodynamic group psychotherapy has a large body of knowledge behind it and yet is still at a stage at  which there is much to be learned and explored. The group therapists of the future can look forward to a career in which they can participate in the developing science of group dynamics.

There are many reasons why group psychotherapy has advantages over individual based therapies. These include:

  • members are able to simultaneously see themselves through the eyes of many different people,
  • a trained group therapist is able to identify group behavior that may be drawing an individual in to acting a certain way,
  • the group provides a supportive environment for those undergoing difficult emotional times,
  • the presence of others struggling with their own difficulties helps other members gain the courage to do the same,
  • the way we relate to different members in group may help us understand how we interact with others within our social context,
  • treatment within the group can be very cost-effective as it is generally cheaper than individual therapy,
  • groups can often be found that operate outside of normal working hours thus not disrupting careers and school commitments.  


Mission Statement 

 International Organisation of Group Analytic Psychotherapy Inc.

Once upon a time there were people in this world who keenly felt that they were born into groups, learned, worked and lived in groups, to which they belonged.  This is an important part of human life which needs to be shared by professionals internationally.  The IOGAP aims to convey an awareness of the strengths and weaknesses of groups through intensive training in theoretical and clinical programs in its training program.  All groups whether they be family groups, educational groups, work groups etc. can through supportive-expressive, psychodynamic or analytic group therapy have numerous curative factors.  Work groups combined with Individual psychoanalytic psychotherapy have the capacity to instill hope, overcome despair and demoralization, develop greater tolerance and perseverance leading to prevention of illnesses, unnecessary hospitalisations, and reduction of morbidity and mortality.  The wider aim of IOGAP is to humanise society with dignity and high moral standards leading to a creative, productive and healthy lifestyle.  Overcoming Internal Wars will help reduce violence and External Wars.  Containing what appears at first sight to be uncontainable, will help towards cultivating a culture that can respond with empathy and attunement, rather than abandon with Shame.


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  • We all develop and live in groups.
  • We train Group Psychotherapists.
  • We provide a forum for the advancement of group therapy.
  • We help people find the help they need 


There is no such thing as an individual without a group. Just as we are not able to understand a melody if we listen seperately to each note, Elias, 1987.p37)  so we are unable to understand different aspects of an individual if we isolate him/her from their groups of belonging. (Rouchy 1995)